We deliver on our promises! 


  • Co-Facilitate MIT/Center for Biomedical Innovation Workshop
  • Facilitate cross Chemical Biology Platforms Knowledge Transfer and Planning Process
  • Create and deliver Breakthrough Workshop which created ADMET as industry standard
  • Create integrated project management and work flow system with user training
  • Facilitate the creation of Development Resource Model
  • Provide Executive Team-building- Research, Development (2), R&D (4), Lead Optimization
  • Conduct Executive interventions for dysfunctional team 
  • Design and delivery Lead Generation workshop
  • Design and delivery Lead Optimization workshop
  • Facilitate Process Improvement - Merck Medco


  • Facilitate Clinical Development Teambuilding - Risperdal
  • Design and Implement Fast Cycle Teams - Allegra
  • Intervene in Late stage Global Project Teams - Lovenox plus early termination
  • Intervention in Late stage Project Team for FDA approval - Ketek 


  • Realign Human Resource Strategy with Pharmaceutical Strategy - Janssen 
  • Facilitate Succession Planning and Implementation - Janssen Pharmaceutics
  • Design, develop, and delivery Global Executive Communication strategy and implement
  • Facilitate in design and delivery of investors R&D Day - Executive Presentations
  • Provide long-term business advice to Toxicology Biotech Leader - Gwathmey Inc.
  • Co-Founder of CepheidRx LLC