Dr. Frank L. Douglas Ph.D, M.D.


Dr. Philippe Bey Ph.D. 617-282-6782


Dr. Michael Kolb Ph.D. Wyeth Chemcial Development 845-602-3601


Dr. Peter Richardson M.D MannKind Corp. 201-983-5000


Mr. Bert Guss Director of HR, MannKind Corp.



Dr. Daniel Schirlin Ph.D Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals


Mr. Peter Taft, Taft and Partners 609-683-0700



My sincere thanks to you for all your contributions you have made for HMR and Aventis, in particular, I wish to thank you for your support in establishing KNM. I personally have always very much appreciated your knowledge in the business and of people, the way you gave advice and how you have shared any concerns, your openess and your engagement and many more, which has helped me a lot. As many in our company who appreciate the fruitful collaboration with you, I have also very much enjoyed working with you.

Hilde Niemmesgern � SVP Sanofi-Aventis 011-49-69-305-7824

Eric adds value by providing a unique perspective that yields exceptional results. His unique thinking and innovative solutions encompass executive coaching, breakthrough workshops, organizational assessments, strategic design, and an integrated approach that equip the client for the future.

Dr. Joyce Avedisian, Ph.D. Director of Knowledge Management 908-234-4428

Eric and I worked together on a re-engineering effort to re-design data capture and reporting from our clinical trials. Not only did Eric help us with the process re-design but also, by using his keen sense of human issues, helped us overcome the organization's resistance to change.  His diplomatic yet challenging style got people out of their comfort zones leading them to ask "why not?." If you have a change initiative with which you need an experienced, innovative thinker, I highly recommend Eric to you.

Mike Blank - Sr. Director and Compound Development Team Leader, Centocor

Eric, I am a stronger and wiser person because of you. For this I am forever grateful. Please do not diminish how important it is that you have made such a profound difference in one person's life. As you say we are all vessels, if that is so, most are not living up to that responsibility. You; however, continue to be a shining example of how all human beings should live their lives.

Adam Lippman, Certified Project Manager and consultant



Leadership Guides

  • Peter Drucker - Leading Beyond the Walls; The Organization of the Future
  • Michael Porter - Competitive Strategies; Competitive Advantage
  • Kotler- The New Competition
  • Kotter - Leading Change
  • Michael Hammer - Beyond Reengineering
  • Roger Enrico - The other guy blinked 
  • Edward DeBono - Six Thinking Hats
  • Jack Welch & Noel Tischy - Control your destiny or someone else will and The Leadership Engine
  • Colin Powell - Autobiography
  • V.K. Narayanan - The Social Construction of Organizational Capabilities 
  • Max DePree - Leadership is an Art; Leading without Power
  • Walter Wright- Relational Leadership
  • Nathaniel Branden-Self Esteem in the Information Age

  • Baldrige Award Criteria
  • Total Quality Management Concepts