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20/20 Leadership offers unique thinking and unique solutions  to difficult management and leadership opportunities. Whether strategic intent, structural design, operational strategies, team building or organizational change, we leverage expertise, experience, enthusiasm and networks to make a lasting difference for our clients  through lasting results.

  • Unique organizational design while implementing a merger
  • Unique and comprehensive solutions to reduce organizational resistance.
  • Unique coaching with executives to foster an environment that will embrace change

    We offer  personalized services to executives which encompass:

    • Merger Implementation 
    • Strategic Initiatives
    • Facilitation for Change
    • Innovative and Creative Problem Solving
    • Team Building
    • Breakthrough Workshops
    • Communications
    • Continuous Learning

One unique call to 1-704-952-8218 or 908-304-4352 will begin an unbelievable journeySuccess only occurs after our clients realize the benefits.   Eric@2020leadership.com